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We had 4 full days of which we spend the first in Hanoi, 2 days on a Ha Long Bay cruise and a day in Hanoi again. In Hanoi we stayed at the Intercontinental hotel. I have included these 4 days also in my two-week sample Vietnam itinerary as Hanoi is a must visit and a Ha Long Bay cruise a must do. Below a summary of what to expect! The temple supposedly dates to the fourteenth century, although the current buildings were probably built in the eighteenth century. The temple is dedicated to the hero Tran Hung Dao, who defeated a force of There are also altars dedicated to the scholars Van Xuong and La To, the patron saint of physicians. Make sure to read also: Both are key places to visit in Hanoi. The Army Museum displays beautiful planes and other army related material from the Vietnam War.

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The sexual revolution was late to arrive in Vietnam; more accurately, it arrived during the sixties and promptly departed on the last American chopper in But the tag team.

Known only officially as Ho Chi Minh City, but informally to everyone still as Saigon, the main city of Vietnam is a fantastic place. Great food, people, party and value make Saigon one of my top 5 cities in the world. If you want something else, every menu in the tourist areas is 30 pages long and filled with every type of cuisine you could possibly desire- Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican , pizzas, sandwiches, salads, you name it.

The Vietnamese take pride in their ability to cook everything, and even a Vietnamese burrito is totally decent. The apex of drunk food is the Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich which is delicious crispy French bread with meat inside, like a regular French sandwich, but with the Vietnamese twist of spicy vegetables. This brings me to another great thing about Vietnam. Manuel and I would take our girlfriends out to dinner in the heart of tourist Saigon.

Drinks are a dollar or two at most places. Massages, clothes, consumer goods and almost everything else is very very affordable. Another great thing about Vietnam is the drug situation. Everybody in Pham Ngu Lao that tries to sell you something has 2 items for sale. It goes like this:

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The name Vietnam originated in when envoys from the newly founded Nguyen dynasty traveled to Beijing to establish diplomatic relations with the Chinese court. The new emperor had chosen the name Nam Viet for his kingdom. The word Viet he derived from the traditional name for the Vietnamese imperial domain and its people in what is now northern and central Vietnam. Nam south had been added to acknowledge the expansion of the dynasty’s domain into lands to the south.

The Chinese objected to this new name because it was the same as an ancient state that had rebelled against Chinese rule.

December 30, December 30, Chip Asian girls, Dating in Vietnam, Online dating, Tinder, Vietnam for Dummies, Vietnamese girls, White people To gather materials for my upcoming book “ How to not get your ass kicked in Vietnam: The native’s guide “, I decided to test out the dating .

Why trains are the best way to go The train journeys are a genuine Vietnamese experience in themselves, an integral part of your visit to Vietnam. You might even meet some Vietnamese people. Flying takes 4 or 5 hours out of your sightseeing day in getting to a remote airport, checking in, taking the flight itself, collecting your bags and getting back into the city centre.

And the sleeper train saves a hotel bill, too. And what’s the rush anyway? Hoi An has no station, but it’s just 30km by bus or taxi from Danang. The view from the train Rice fields, palm trees, water buffalo, Vietnamese towns and villages You get a real insight into Vietnam when you travel by train, both urban and rural, which you don’t get from 35, feet. And if you’re good at people watching you’ll get insights on board the train, too – the real Vietnam is as much inside as outside the train.

The train runs along the South China Sea, snaking from cliff to jungle-covered cliff past beaches and islands, then heads through the lush green mountains via the Hai Van Pass to reach Danang.

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He was arrested for subversive activities by the French colonial authorities in and died in prison a few weeks later. Giap had two sisters and one brother, and soon after his father’s incarceration, one of his sisters was also arrested. Although she was not held for long, the privations of prison life made her ill and she too died a few weeks after being released.

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Tweet0 Tips in Getting Laid in Vietnam If you are planning to visit in Vietnam, it would be fun to try everything that the country has to offer. Join Vietnam Cupid, of course, it is not just about the beautiful sights, the activities that you can do, or the food, but also the women. While these ladies may be too traditional, with a little effort on your part, you might just end up having an amazing experience getting laid in Vietnam. At least, not unless you are dealing with a hooker. Culture has it that you need to show some effort in meeting twice or at least three times on a date before you can start with your seduction phase.

You may also notice that Vietnamese women do not like being approached in public, especially by a foreigner. Not that they really do not like it, but they are just too conscious of what other people might think. Therefore, it is very important to be discreet. You cannot just ask a woman right away, as you might just end up getting an awkward smile, leaving you clueless whether she likes you too, or she just did not understand what you were saying. Vietnamese women, in general, are more feminine and petite compared to western ladies.

These women are raised to give importance to respect to other people and manners.

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Vietnamese girl, if you’ve traveled the region or been into Asian XXX you might have heard the term a few times, Vietnamese women are fabulous. The best way we have found is to use the Vietnam Cupid Dating website. This is the culture and how a Vietnamese girl is raised.

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Sailing Halong Bay Moving to Bangkok, your perspective changes; scenery morphs into concrete. Vietnam is blessed with scenery that is staggering. Yes, Hanoi is tangled with traffic, incessant honking, sealed beneath a constant haze and a muggy sweat. Locals used the term to describe what they thought they saw floating off shore, out in the bay.

There, hundreds of towering islands rise from the South China Sea. Partially hidden in the mist they resemble the humps of a sea monster floating in the bay. I was skeptical, keeping hopes low to combat disappointment that was sure to follow taking a cruise. Gorgeous, rich, dark teak with gold accents surrounded us as we walked into our deluxe room.

Our room was large with a plush comfortable queen bed unusual for Southeast Asia and included a stunning marble en-suite. Our bags were waiting for us on our bed, which we promptly ignored and climbed up on the top deck as we cruised into the midst towards the mouth of the dragon. Sails down, the ship chugged silently through the haze towards limestone dragon tails.

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The past few months have been crazy! I completely failed at a new business venture and lost a bunch of cash. I got arrested in Bangkok. That sucks but I bounced back. It was time for a Visa run out of Thailand and I waited until the last minute to decide where to go.

Asian and Western culture are totally different. If you’re dating a Vietnamese man for the first time, you might find it weird to discover some of their traits.

This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message Hanoi had many official and unofficial names throughout history. This gave the name to Tonkin and Gulf of Tonkin. This has remained its official name until modern times.

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Peter Wang 2 Comments Many foreigners seek to know how to date Vietnam women. Vietnam girls have a natural grace and beauty, you know, the way they move, carry themselves, the way they revere their men and the way they make you feel so respected and dignified. In other words, these women make you feel like the total man, they pamper your ego and give you a great time.

A Hanoi dating guide covering nightclubs, singles bars, meeting girls during the day, online dating, where to go on your date night and more! The good news is that plenty of Hanoi girls do have an interest in dating foreign men, and online dating on Vietnam Cupid can help you find that type of girl.

But the tag team of AIDS and the Internet sparked a new sexual revolution at the turn of the century. Young men and women suddenly had access to information about sex and contraception — taboo subjects largely absent in Vietnamese society under the Communist government. Until this decade the vast majority of Vietnamese brides remained virgins until their wedding day. Economic equality is not catching up quite as fast.

I have been entertained in several Vietnamese homes where the men talked, drank and dined for hours, while the women were relegated to the kitchen, even during dinner. Although a female friend told me that she feels good about this! Public displays of affection between members of the opposite sex are frowned upon and are almost never seen. I still cannot get used to construction workers in hardhats walking down the street with their arms around each other! Men in particular will find that people will touch you, squeeze your arm, pat your back and put their arm around your shoulder.

This includes men, boys and young girls, but never women! Do not be alarmed, this is considered perfectly normal. Dating is a little more complicated than in most western countries. If a boy asks a girl for a date, they may go for a ride around town or perhaps for a cup of coffee, but never a movie.